In today's society, we have forgotten the importance of protecting and nurturing our youth. For too long, we have stood idle while children are living in negative and non-nurturing environments. For too long, our justice system has denied children their rights to childhood. As a society and as a nation that proclaims to respect the rights and dignity of all human beings, it is incumbent that we hold society’s institutions and ourselves accountable as the protectors of our most vulnerable populations, especially children. It is our responsibility to help create a better path for their lives; to ensure that all children have the ability to grow and thrive in an environment that is nurturing and conducive to their future success.  

No child is born bad.

Although l agree that youth should be held accountable for their actions; I also believe in the principles of restorative justice and in the rights and dignity of all children--even youth who have made poor decisions and mistakes.


With this in mind, I aspire to help create a fair and effective justice system, which satisfies the needs of victims; addresses public safety concerns; holds youth offenders accountable in age-appropriate and trauma informed ways; and utilizes restorative approaches to enhance victim awareness and build competency to prevent re-offending.


All children have the capacity for positive change; they just need a chance...

As a formerly incarcerated youth and a testament of the human capacity for positive change, I humbly embrace my new responsibility and role in society: to be an example and reminder to others that it is never too late to become a positive force in the community.