You spoke so eloquently to our supporters; we are still hearing from people who were inspired  and touched by your narrative. Because we protect the confidentiality of our clients, it is difficult for us to provide first-hand accounts of the challenges our clients face. But through your story, everyone at the Dawes house that afternoon was able to hear and understand how a traumatic childhood can launch a young person down a path that leads them to the criminal justice system and possibly even incarceration. Thank you for making yourself available and being so generous with your time.

Our organization is primarily made up of Mothers and Grandmothers who have children sentenced to Life in Prison Without any Chance of Parole; we are working to change this harsh and cruel punishment. Xavier spoke at our meeting, and it was in a word "Inspirational" for those of us who have been told our children are worthless, broken, deserve to die in prison. To see a young man completely turn his life around was moving for all of us. Xavier is living proof of what we as family members believe: that Youth can change and that our children can make a difference through restorative justice if only they are given a 2nd chance. Xavier has instilled hope and admiration in all of us.

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